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The Barbher Brand

BIKER BOY SHIRT: Limited Edition 1 of 1

BIKER BOY SHIRT: Limited Edition 1 of 1

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- **Material:** Crafted from premium French Terry material for a soft and comfortable feel.
- **Style:** Boxy fit with an oversized drop shoulder, delivering a stylish and relaxed look.
- **Design:** Raw hem and cropped length for a contemporary and edgy aesthetic.
- **Fabric Composition:** 100% cotton ensures breathability and durability.
- **Color Options:** Available in classic Cream and sleek Black, providing versatile styling choices.
- **Exclusivity:** Limited Edition 1 of 1 – Each piece is unique, making it a rare and collectible item.
- **No Restocking:** Once sold, there will be no restocking, ensuring the exclusivity of your purchase.

Elevate your style with the BIKER BOY T-shirt, a fusion of comfort, edginess, and exclusivity. Choose your color, embrace the limited edition status, and make a bold fashion statement that's uniquely yours.


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